Humans of Scape Ore Swamp Lizard

This case occurred in a marshy area in Lee County, South Carolina. Strange creature described as having high feed 7 or more than 2 meters, well-built with green scaly skin that appear there. Creepy eyes of glowing orange. The creature has three fingers on his hands and feet. People call it a lizard creature from the swamp. The first report about the existence of creatures was made by Christopher Davis, 17 years, the local population. He said the creatures encountered while driving through the border of Scape Ore Swamp. Incidentally when the car was having problems so he was forced to stop to change tires. When he finished changing the tire, he heard a noise behind him. When turned, to his shock, he saw a strange creature seen walking toward him.Davis admitted it, it tried to attack his car, with a jump in the car roof. David tried to get away. Back home, in the rearview mirror mobinya see it destroyed, damage is also on the roof of the car. Some of the same month, reports surfaced almost similar to the case of David.Reportedly, the giant lizard-like creature that is near the swamp. Most of the report say it happened about 3 miles or 5 miles from Bishopville, or in the vicinity of the swamp. Two months of the incident, several police conducted an investigation and found footprints measuring 14 in length inc. Then the police laporran send it to the FBI for further explored. However, analysis of an impasse, until now not clear whether the boned creatures like lizards. People freak: 1.Thai Ngoc: THREE DECADES NEVER SLEEP If you believe there are people who for three decades could not sleep that night.His name is also called Thai Ngoc Hai Ngoc. He said abisa not sleep nights for over 30 years since a fever in 1973. "I do not know either insomnia or what, but I'm still healthy and can farm work every day like everyone else," said Ngoc. This is justified by the elders of the community leaders Trung Que, Que Son district said he can carry two 50 kg bags of fertilizer went as far as 4 miles round trip each day. His wife said, "Once, my husband can sleep well, but now, even though he was drinking, he could not sleep," he said. Ngoc has been checked by a doctor in Da Nang, according to doctors, there is little disturbance in heart function. Ngoc everyday working on his garden, which lies at the foot of gunung.Ia also raising chickens and pigs. While at night, because they can not sleep, he keeps his garden and the cattle, to prevent theft. Since he could not sleep well, once for three months every night he dug a large pond to keep the fish. Ngoc all day, virtually 24 hours, his eyes kept awake. There's hardly a break. He has six children, all living in their house in Que Trung. 2.Bhagat: MEN D 'DELIVERY' twin Arguably strange but true, Bhagat stomach looks like a woman nine months pregnant. Distended and as ready to give birth. Though he was a man. Sanju Bhagata, the name of the man from the city of Nagpur, India. Finally he could not stand, and go to the doctor, the doctor initially thought it was a tumor, but it turned out after surgery, something amazing out of the belly of a baby Bhagat. "Initially the time of surgery, many liquid spilled, but then something extraordinary happened, slowly muncu one single, hair, limbs, jaws," said the doctor. At first glance it seems Bhagat always give birth, but is actually located in the stomach bukan.Bayi sebenatnya it is his twin brother. This is indeed a rarity, in which twin brother was in the stomach. Such as pregnant women, Bhagat even when his stomach was still 'pregnant' have a strong appetite. That's understandable because he eats twice normal size to support his twin brother in the stomach. According to the doctor what had happened to Bhagat is a very rare disorder, in which the fetus is stuck in a twin twins. The fetus is stuck, it can survive as a parasite. The fetus had to be removed, as it continues to enlarge and can harm the owner of the body, which is why, the doctor must immediately remove parasitic fetus was dariperut Bhagat. 

3.Mehran: MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY LIVING IN THE AIRPORT SINCE 1988 Mehran Karimi Nasseri, also known as Sir, Alfred Mehran, is an Iranian refugee who has lived in Terminal One departure lounge at Charles De Gaulle Airport since August 8, 1988.Entah what's the story, but mentioned, he was in prison in the country , Iran, where torture and eventually escaped. He begged asylum in various countries in Europe, but was refused. He decided to England, but he admitted that he robbed his way. Her purse was stolen while going to the Charles De Gaulle Airport. Actually, he could also fly up at Heathrow. But when he got there, when the examination, he could not show the document itself. Finally, by local officials, she returned to Charles de Gaulle, he left the airport early. Nasseri could not prove identiasnya or refugee status to French officials and so he moved to the Zone d'attente (waiting zone), zone for travelers without identity. Nasseri apparently inspired the 2004 movie Terminal, played by Tom Hanks. But unlike Tom Hanks, who lived in the free transit, Nasseri is more pathetic, he lived in the departure hall, in the circular boutiques and eateries in the basement.Actually, theoretically, he could have been out of the terminal at any time, although most officials there knew him. He is free to anywhere, or slip out of sight of people. But he did not seem to do that. He remained faithful at the departure terminal. He was being nice, and can talk to anyone. With the view cart and bag dipundaknya, he was like a traveler. Because his appearance is good then people do not ignore it or consider homelessness. 4.Mitsuo: JAPANESE MEN D pose as Jesus Matayoshi Mitsuo is an eccentric Japanese politician. He calls himself the God and Christ who will conduct the program penyelamatanlewat political channels. As a first step rescue program, he should be prime minister of Japan. The first phase, he will improve the lives of Japanese society, and the United Nations. UN Secretary-General should be offered him, so he has two powers in the world to facilitate the step of fixing the world, not only in religious but also political. To realize his idea, he repeatedly followed the elections, to campaign everywhere, but always failed. He became famous karean kenyentrikannya, sayings also urged his opponent to commit suicide or hara left. He's really crazy man! 5. Bihari: Accumulating Orang2 D STATED STILL ALIVE BUT DEAD Weird yes! Bihari, a farmer born in 1961, founded an organization called the Dead Mritak Sangh, or Association of the Dead, was set up in Uttar Pradesh state of India. The organization was created from 1976-1994. It is originated from the determination of the country who claim to have died. He knows declared dead after he was applying for loans to banks in 1976. But after checking the bank, the bank got a tip that the Biharis have died. Bihari was not acceptable to say the original dies. After Bihari examined, turns out it was his uncle who wants to act Bihari seize property, with a report that his nephew is dead, so he could control his property. The uncle, bribed officials who are authorized to obtain a death certificate Bihari. It was all done without the knowledge of the Bihari greedy uncle, nephew, until finally Bihari know himself when he had to deal with the bank. Unfortunately, when the struggle for recognition that he is still alive Bihari got a lot of trouble. Instead of the uncle who was thrown into prison, on the contrary Bihari who made a half to death by bureaucracy who nyelimet. That's the power of money! For 18 years fighting for recognition Bihari that he did not die. In fact, up until Bihari strange organization founded, the Association of Dead People. Particulars of the dead was the establishment of the organization because it does not own Bihari. At least 100 people experiencing similar situations as himself, declared officially dead, but still alive. Association of the Dead, Mritak Sangh, established in the area of ​​Azamgarh. Society is growing and has members in over 20,000 people from all over India. By 2004, the organization has successfully improved the four member countries recognized that they were still alive. In the same year Bihari won a parliamentary seat at Lal Ganj. 6.Icke: our salvation from Reptilian Humanoids David Icke could be called ex-celebrity because of his popularity in various fields that they do. He was a professional football player, then a BBC television sports presenter, and a spokesman for the British National Green Party. 

But whatever change it, in 1990 he became a 'different'. He thought the world was ruled by an elite group of 'secret' that behave like animals. George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, and Kris Kristofferson, he included in that group. Somehow the idea it could be penetrated on Icke, but he has written 15 books explaining his views. In 1999 he spoke for five hours in front of students at the University of Toronto, and got a standing applause from his audience. 7.Bawden: the self-elected Pope Michael I, from Kansas David Allen Bawden (born 1959), is an American citizen who elected "Pope Michael I" by a group of six or post-Sedevacantist Conclavist Catholics, argued, that the election last 6 popes were invalid because they are all modernists.Sedevacantists asserted, if the Cardinal can not elect a pope, the other Catholic circles in using the principle of "Epikeia". For this reason, elected David Bawden as Pope by six people in 1990 (including himself and his parents). And until now he was a 'pope', 8.Nakamatsu: photographed and analyzed every meal for 34 years Yoshiro Nakamatsu (born June 26, 1928), or Dr. NakaMats, is a Japanese inventor who dreams of making a world record for hits with numbers above 3,000, including floppy and "PyonPyon" spring shoes. He has been photographing and retrospectively analyzing yng food she eats, and it did for 34 years. He aspires to live more than 140 years. 9.Lotito: mister eat-it-all Michel Lotito (born June 15, 1950) was a French entertainer. Lotito, who was born in Grenoble, is famous as the consumer eating everything. He is also known as Monsieur mangetout (Mr. Eat everything). Some of the 'food' that is often consumed in each attraction is a metal, glass, rubber and the like, he also ate bicycles, televisions, a Cessna 150. The goods are unloaded or cut into pieces first and devour. Aircraft for instance, he took two years to spend it. Commencing from 1978 to 1980. He began to eat the stuff since the children and appeared in public since the age of 16, 1966. Lotito told me if he eat 'heavy foods' such as iron, etc., he drank the first new oil ate 1 kg of mineral. Maybe so heavy material that can be easily swallowed. He practices it every day. Seem to have a bowel yag Letito thick that can withstand harsh barang2 it. Allegedly, he had indigestion incredible to be able to eat 'food' which is unusual. 10.Yokoi: JAPANESE ARMY D 28 THN HIDING AFTER WWII Shoichi Yokoi entered Japan via the royal army conscripts in 1941. In the second world war he fought. He was sent to Guam. In 1944, after the Americans managed to conquer Japan, Yokoi was in hiding for fear of being caught. During the 28 years he lived in underground caves and forests in parts of Guam. Until finally on January 24, 1972, she was discovered by local residents. He admitted hiding for finding circular stating War II had ended. He felt ashamed to go home (to Japan) because of that defeat, but also because of fear. He also showed a rusty rifle that still he keeps

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