good boy...

ago there was a boy who came from the village, began to step into the big cities like Kuala Lumpur during the primary school level, his own independent study as young as that, imagine it is doing everything themselves, without help from anybody, while he still has a mother and father, but then his father could not nasibnye not care about their children, only her mother who worked day and night toiling to raise their children as many as 10 people in all, by not wanting to burden her too he decided to do everything himself, fortunately the fate of his side he could finish school with a fairly successful tired it worth it to quieten his breathing for him, all the trials that come invaded his head on, without assisted by anyone, immediately after the completion of his schooling he was able to continue their education at a private college, is fortunately examination results pretty good so he managed to obtain loans from the government, once again he had to manage everything themselves, sometimes sad and sorrowful heart to see my friends the same age go to college enroll accompanied by his father and mother respectively, but could not needless, expection kinds encountered while in college so there is a time to be hungry for not spending enough money, just drinking plain water, it sometimes takes three or four days he had to go hungry, but his spirit never fade, his intention is only one, study hard to help her mother and other siblings, eventually after many encountered types of allegations that he succeeds in completing his studies with distinction, now he has been a relatively successful engineers, all ambitions and dreams achieved, he also managed to help her mother and siblings, and God bless you now and realize that his father had converted the all the mistakes of the past.
to be continue.

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