my wife is a gangster

1. Title : Bini-biniku Gangster
2. Release date : 22 September 2011 (Malaysia)
3. Director : Ismail Bob Hasim
4. Starring :
Shaheizy Sam
Yana Samsudin
Intan Ladyana
5. Language : Malay
6. Genre : Action/Comedy

Herry (Shaheizy Sam) is a loving husband and an extremely dedicated employee. But, as he looks so normal to one's eyes, he has a wife whose activities involve; treating her husband so dearly, kicking her enemies' asses furiously, and the most important of all... getting her husband a new wife since she cannot give him a child. Yes my friend, Manja (Yana Samsudin) is not only hot and obedient (I know these words do not really make a good combination, but... ), she is also a fearsome leader of a very powerful triad. As the story goes on, Herry gets to marry the other girl named Reanna (Intan Ladyana) who is also, you know, a leader of very troubled people. And you can expect some catfights going on soon, definitely.

Well, I can say that unlike some previous Malay movies that seemed to be done halfheartedly (I refuse to mention any names here), this movie is made of efforts and vigor. Every second seemed to be full of ideas. It got cheeky dialogues and scenes, with extra flavours of a little bit of nastiness in-between, and I got to give it, some cleverness in the presentation. Try to focus on the little things the characters do in the movie, and you will get what I mean. I like the way they presented themselves to each other, the small talks, and the changing emotions. It looked mature for a local movie. If you want to have some good time while in the cinema, without any pressure on your brain, this is a good movie to watch.

However, despite having creativity in terms of idea presentation, I could not help but notice that its plot was a bit confusing. As a whole, anybody can and will understand this story and its messages. Unfortunately, some parts were left 'unattended' that they made me wonder whether or not I had the correct interpretation. The sequence of scenes seemed to be jumbled up especially during the final half of the movie. And I was not the only one. I heard a lot of 'ehs' while watching it and that convinced me that there were loopholes in the story. Let alone those characters that served no purpose in the movie. They became insignificantly annoying at times and that disrupted the flow.

Fortunately, you will still enjoy it regardless of what will happen during the session. Shaheizy Sam is as intriguing as ever in this movie and the other important characters do not seem to fall far behind, either. 'Bini-biniku Gangster' may not make the best out of everything, but it definitely got bits of 'My Wife Is A Gangster' film series, somehow.

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