Do not be arrogant WITH PROVISIONAL MERIT..

A young and successful Executive was driving a village on the outskirts of town. It was driving quite fast with a high-performance car WAJA who just bought. While it was driving slowly he was watching a child-slot interrupted cars parked beside the road, it slows the car to see something that he thinks
As soon as the Waja car just across the area; child does not look right but hit a rock thrown the door to the right of the Waja cars

Moreover, Young Executive of the brakes as hard as him and retreated to a place where small children had to stand. With angry he was out of the car to rush to a small child, small child's hand and slamming her into the car which is located beside the road and a small child had lashed
"What's this? Who are you? and that to his bastard you are here? That new car, expensive and difficult to want to fix it? You know it? Why did you do all this? shouted the Executive
Young children bowed with grief, melancholy and apologize: "I ​​ask though, sorry, I do not know what should I do, it is appealing. I threw a stone because no one person who stopped here when I call. "
With tears he pointed to a corner not far from there. "That's my brother, he fell from a wheelchair from the cliff side and there was no one who can lift it again. Uncle can not help me, it hurt and it was too heavy for me.
With a sense of overwhelmed, Young Executive of the release of small children and went to take his brother and put it back into the wheelchair.
Thank you, uncle, I pray for a safe world and the next uncle.
Not be described in words, the young Executive only see the melancholy, the small child push the handicapped and injured his brother returned to the house. That small children can be well pray for his life.

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